About The Masters' Coach

The Masters' Coach by Building Champions is the mortgage industry's premier coaching program combining unique events, peer-to-peer sharpening and one-on-one coaching with an industry expert. The program brings together an elite group of professionals who share both industry-specific knowledge and a passion for growth.

In addition to One-on-One Coaching with one of our Masters' Coaches, members of the Masters' Coach Program gather each quarter to spend two days going deep on a specific topic and collaborating on ways to build their businesses. Candidates for the Masters’ Coach Program are selected based upon not only their business success, but also the unique skills and perspectives that they bring to the group. Members must be willing to share from their own experiences and actively engage in each quarterly meeting.

TMC program investment is $26,000 (events and coaching included).

Those who would like to be considered for the Masters’ Coach Program may apply online.

About Building Champions

Since 1996, Building Champions has coached thousands of leaders, managers and business professionals to intentionally build their businesses and lives. Building Champions’ personalized approach to coaching, combined with two decades of coaching experience, sets it apart from other coaching companies. Located outside Portland, Oregon, Building Champions has a team of 22 Executive Coaches who have been leaders in their own fields, having left successful companies to focus full-time on coaching. Using the Core Four® as the foundation, they help clients develop plans that focus on both their businesses and their lives, knowing that true success comes when both are being intentionally developed.

Building Champions offers a variety of services and solutions to help clients succeed, including:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Mentorship
  • Speaking & Events
  • Team Assessments

For more information about Building Champions visit www.buildingchampions.com.

Purpose Statement of The Masters’ Coach

We exist as a fellowship of high-caliber individuals who believe deeply in the pursuit of personal and vocational excellence. We gather as a community quarterly for the purpose of experiential learning, sharing and growing, and are further connected by a belief that we can grow individually through the process of being coached one-on-one. We choose to trade our most precious resource, time, for the shared goal of sharpening one another with grace and truth. We adhere to the Convictions established and protect one another by communicating out of love in all situations.

Convictions of The Masters’ Coach

  • Integrity
    Our conduct will be of the highest ethical standards in our vocations and our personal lives
  • Community
    We commit ourselves to the collective effort and will support each other through opportunities and challenges
  • Life-Long Learning and Improvement
    We will never acquiesce to the complacency of our own understanding
  • Deep Respect
    We accept each other’s differences and listen to all perspectives
  • Openness and Transparency
    We share ideas, thoughts, strategies, successes and failures willingly
  • Connection
    We communicate with each other at and between the quarterly meetings
  • Experiential Learning
    We give of ourselves to enhance the learning process
  • Accountability Through Coaching
    We accept One-On-One coaching and the "Iron Sharpening Iron" process