The Masters' Coach is limited to a select group of 40 leaders in the mortgage industry. We are looking for high-achieving members who are willing to grow and sharpen themselves and throughout the year. Before you fill out this application, please review the characteristics of an ideal member, below, and use your responses to let us know why you would be a good candidate for the program.

* TMC program investment is $26,000 (events and coaching included).

Ideal Attributes of a TMC Member

  1. An interest in being coached one-on-one with a desire to be accountable to living forward & leading forward.
  2. Recognized as a leader in your current role with at least 5 years of success at a high level (best of the best).
  3. An attitude of gratitude for all you have achieved and a recognition of those who have helped you succeed.
  4. A desire to add value to the group more than a need to take from it with a willingness to share openly.
  5. An appetite for being sharpened by peers while building relationships that carry outside of our four meetings.
  6. A willingness to arrive early, a commitment to stay thru the end, and intention to be highly engaged in our sessions.

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